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3 Membership Site Models That Can Grow Your Business

membership site model

Running a membership site can grow your business and enhance your brand. It also allows you to cater to VIP customers who demand premium services. However, there are various types of membership site models, and you need to be sure which is best for you before investing in development. This article looks at three of the most popular membership site models: Library, Drip Feed, and Tiered, so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to planning your site.

Library Membership Site Models

membership site models

LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda) is a prime example of the library membership site model. Its platform allows members to very quickly access a vast amount of educational resources. After creating an account and signing in, a user is instantly permitted to peruse through everything the site has to offer.

Library-style membership sites allow you to organize your digital content in many different ways. You can develop custom payment schedules for your members based on the specific resources they wish to access. You could also charge a standard monthly fee for access to all resources without limits.

Library membership site models are best suited for businesses that have a lot of content to offer, like LinkedIn Learning and Udemy. However, they can also work well for online magazines, blogs, vlogs, and others that have a large content base and continually provide fresh content.

Drip Feed Membership Site Models

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Drip feed membership site models can work very well for delivering content in a structured and controlled manner, unlike the library model which allows members instant access to all content. This model is commonly used to provide specialized content to well-defined, niche-based audiences.

For instance, it can be used to present modular educational courses where various members are on the same learning schedules. It is not time-sensitive. The overall content base is divided into smaller components that are simpler for members to manage. When one segment is completed, the member is then able to access the next segment.

This model is also used for modular content delivery where all members are required to access the same information on a time-sensitive, limited availability basis. This works well for hosting webinars, chat rooms, and other platforms where live interaction is needed.

Tiered Membership Site Models

membership site business

Tiered membership site models can be compared to a skyscraper. For a small base fee, which could be either monetary or non-monetary, the member is allowed to enter and explore the first floor. If a member chooses to pay a higher fee, then she is allowed to access higher-up floors in the building, and the enhanced bells and whistles they offer.

Of course, a member can upgrade in between “floors” anytime to access more benefits. When planned and developed effectively, the tiered style of membership site can provide excellent opportunities for upselling, improving product/service delivery, keeping members happy, and increasing their loyalty to your brand.

Ready to Get Started?

membership site models

A membership site allows you to offer gated access to your digital content, strengthen your brand, and increase your ROI. However, a large percentage of membership sites fail to take off and succeed, and ultimately end up costing more than they give back.

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