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Still have questions? Here are answers to some of the most common.

We have been providing strategic input to membership site owners for six years and have managed our own multimillion dollar membership site for nearly seven years. Our background is primarily in copywriting and marketing, though we also come from an extensive background in teaching and curriculum development.

We are strong proponents of entrepreneurship and love to help people align their financial goals with their lifestyle goals. We believe membership sites are an effective way to disperse knowledge and connect with others who share your passion.

The typical retention rate for membership sites is terrible. Most members cancel a subscription after only 3 months, and the cost of recruiting new members far eclipses the cost of retaining members. In other words, you will spend a lot more to attract a new member than you will spend to keep the members you currently have. Having strong retention strategies also means more word-of-mouth advertising (the best marketing tool that money can’t buy).

Those of us at Membership Fix know what it takes to retain members and are willing to go the extra mile to make sure it happens. Unlike service providers that scatter their attention among all stages of the membership cycle, our efforts are laser-focused on retention. That means you get all of our work dedicated to the area you need most – keeping members happily paying you!

The Retention Solution is our promise to reduce churn in your membership site. It involves a series of strategies to improve your onboarding, engagement, and retention numbers. Depending on the level of service chosen, you will receive different solutions to a problem every membership site owner faces: KEEPING MEMBERS.

More details can be found in our Pricing section.

Sure, we get it. Putting down a large chunk of change can be scary. However, with the Retention Solution, you are guaranteed a high return on investment (ROI). Every membership site that we have worked with has benefitted from the perspective of outside experts and the copywriting we provide is second to none.

Keep in mind that if you are able to reduce churn within your community, you are saving money in marketing and onboarding efforts, and you are making money on renewed subscriptions. For the average client we work with, they earn their money back within three months and make a profit within four.

We will need full access to your site in order to provide you with a comprehensive solution. If you don’t feel comfortable with that, we can provide a cursory look and email documents to you rather than input them directly to your system.

With our one-time solutions and advanced ongoing solutions, we provide you with a Churn & Growth Calculator. This is a proven system to keep track of your churn and growth month over month.

With some of our solutions, we also provide you with a member survey that can be distributed to gauge member satisfaction and suggestions for improvement.

Schedule a free 15-minute consultation through our online scheduling system. Since our team is small and we want to provide the best services possible, we carefully vet potential clients before agreeing to work together. We also want you to understand what we do offer (an amazing retention solution) and what we don’t offer (software development).