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Here’s a well-known “secret” for you: More people are turning to a membership site business model every day. The profits are lucrative; the hours are flexible; the impact is huge. Yet what happens if you aren’t sure how to pull of a successful membership site launch?

Ah, never fear. Here’s a look at the top six things you need to do to make sure your membership site launch lures the right people in at the right time in the right ways to ensure a profitable recurring income.

A Membership Site Launch … What’s That?

membership site launch

Now that your online membership program is nearly finished, it’s time to start thinking about how to go about launching it.

In many ways, your membership site launch plan, and how you execute it, is the most critical aspect of creating a successful premium online course or membership site. There’s no doubt that your membership site must have content that delivers real value. Yet if you can’t get your site in front of your target audience, then all your hard work will materialize in little more than frustration.

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of focusing so much on building their site and designing their marketing portals that they neglect the importance of preparing for a launch. Let’s put an end to that… mmkay?

Establish the Ever-Important Element of Preeminence

membership site launch

First, you need to establish preeminence. Essentially, this means you try to think like a monopoly so that you create a business environment in which customers come to you because you are so good within your specialized niche.

That might mean segmenting an already existing model of disruption in business. Take the time to develop your attack strategy and to figure out what differentiates you among the competition. Your goal in this process is to work toward eliminating competition because you are the best at what you provide.

Become the trusted go-to source for your niche. Establish your value proposition right away. After you have considered all of this carefully, you can begin crafting a winning strategy for your membership site launch and/or unique membership site business model.

The content will come next, but only after you have realized the context from which to start. If you don’t understand or have not fully defined what your value is to customers, then you won’t be able to proceed with the following elements of a successful membership site launch.

Orchestrate a Buzz Around Your Membership Site and Service

membership site launch

People love narratives. It makes sense. We are born, we live a journey, then at some point the journey ends. Our life cycles influence the psychology of our stories. People want to remain hopeful for the future.

Unfortunately, this is how many entrepreneurs and membership site owners fail to seize on opportunities present in the most basic marketing pitches: Look at what we are building and how it will positively impact you, the consumer.

Instead, companies often struggle to understand the consumer perspective. Consumers look for generosity. Context clues. They remember moments that seem directed at them, personally. It’s critical to feel involved, important and appreciated. And, of course, they also like value. To build a sufficient buzz, use the following guide for your membership site launch campaigns:

  • Offers of free training, advice, tutorials, and webinars
  • Incrementally produce teaser content or “Behind the Scenes” material
  • Create an awareness campaign using press releases, prearranged/agreed-to interviews, endorsements, affiliate marketing, temporary partnerships, social media/street team guerilla marketing, podcast appearances and YouTube channels that are specifically related to your audience, preferably with many followers
  • Mix awareness campaigns with content strategy to create useful “sign up” or “learn more” funnels
  • Special limited time only launch offers and discounts to create a sense of urgency and scarcity psychology
  • Study others to determine very successful ventures using these types of techniques

Determine What Technology to Use

membership site launch

The software, often called courseware, made for creating a great deal of this content will be important to the overall structure of your business. You are creating powerful content that will monetize after you have done the initial steps of creating a buzz for your launch campaign. Because of this, you need robust tools that can create quality user experiences that actually reach and engage with members so they want more.

Getting this part right requires a solid, stable and supportive system with all the features needed to create profitability, growth and sustainability.

One such program is Access Ally. It offers a simple-to- use, yet powerful system that includes a handy WordPress plugin for easy web-based integration. It also includes other integrations, made specifically for selling your quality content subscriptions.

Access Ally handles both a major amount of marketing and learning solutions within the platform, so it is built to implement the strategies discussed in this article. For marketing your membership site launch, it will help you create and manage campaigns, coupons, limited offers, upsells, cross-selling, trial offers, abandoned cart reduction, payment processing, custom forms, integrated affiliate program and more.

For teaching, the platform provides unlimited/dripped courses, licensing features, homework submission, provide feedback, drag and drop certifications for users’ course completions, user progress tracking, video bookmarks, completion tracking, advanced quiz types, gamification, automated follow-up triggers based on action, secure file hosting and a great deal more. Sign up or learn more about Access Ally by following this link.

Delivering Quality Content and Building Upon Your Strategy

membership site launch

No one can deny that you need a brilliant membership site business design that is beautiful and user-friendly, yet also provides an engaging user experience. However, anyone would be amiss to let the content creation go to waste.

Each piece of content within your membership site should do something for, or solve a problem for, your members. Thus, you need to figure out how you will deliver this content and what content will be delivered. It all comes down to this final process to establish an excellent launch for your site.

The first step is to create a plan of action. This should include a content strategy and content plan. Your course materials need to work in tandem with your marketing efforts. That way, they will be consistent and “speak” to your audience. This engagement strategy will help form the basic model of your membership business.

In essence, become a leader and resource in your niche by creating, maintaining and adapting quality content that solves problems. This will help to create a community of advocates and cement your position in your niche.

For many of my clients, forming video and audio content comes easy. It’s the written content that’s a struggle.

Thus, you can partner with a trusted company that specializes in helping companies build their membership based sites. Find someone who knows and understands this particular business model well and understands the concepts, core strategies, principles and nuances of membership sites.

How to Compel People to Join

group of children pulling brown rope

Even the leaders of their industry need to grow. They do so by maintaining discipline in these principles and concepts. Creating a six or seven-figure membership site from scratch is not easy. However, the time is absolutely perfect right now. Learn how to compel people to join your program and why it matters for them.

When preparing for your membership site launch, focus heavily on empathy and honesty. This is what compels your potential members to join – and to stick around.

Learn what their aspirations are. Find a way to get them there. Give them a taste of what the future might hold for them if they were to take full advantage of the premium tools and services you are offering.

Create a profit or return calculation that makes sense and works. Test it. Make sure your content genuinely does what it advertises and does it well. Finally, make sure that your content does so well, it outperforms others’ content. Essentially, create that no-competition space.

Combined, these efforts compel people to join. Also, provide a trial period. Differentiate your marketing techniques. Give members reasons to engage. This ensures that members stay enrolled.

Following these steps will create the demand needed to fulfill your retention strategy outlined below.

Establish a Retention Strategy

couple holding hands while standing near tree barks

If you aren’t retaining members, you aren’t experiencing the full benefits of being a membership site owner. While I go into much more depth about retention here, I want to touch on one point worth reiterating.

Consumption. One of your key jobs as a membership site owner is to encourage members to consume content. As such, they will be motivated to move closer to their goals, which in turn means greater retention.

Examples of the most successful membership-based companies rely on delivering high-quality content. In other words, they put themselves into the perspective of the customer. Empathy helps immensely.

If you focus solely on the problem a customer is trying to solve, you will be rewarded. Empathy needs to be coupled with reality. To turn a business around, you need to be very introspective. That is, set high standards for your vision. Keep working to better your company and never let go of this ideology. In the long run, this will help your business to constantly look forward and adapt to disruption.

Following these principles helps you cement a foothold. It also helps to create a demand. Once you become that established resource, more will follow. Therefore, it’s important to produce quality content and uplevel customer experiences. Moreover, reinforcing and improving upon what you do, as laid out in your core mission, will ensure the health of your membership site business. Get your free membership site launch planning guide today.